Tuesday’s Choice: In Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson

We take a quick break from our visit to the Caribbean to welcome back an old friend – Tuesday’s Choice, with a quick dip into a book we have really enjoyed and would wholeheartedly recommend to you. This week is In Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson.

What is better than finding a great book? Well, perhaps finding a great book that all three of your children enjoy, boys or girls, old or young…? Or perhaps finding a great book that is part of a series of great books!

This one ticks both those boxes, being the first of a series of four, each one made up of short stories about the life of the author’s grandma, whose homestead life in America many decades ago was full of fun, mistakes and lessons to be learnt, all conveyed in a most amusing way.  The first three have an introductory conversation between the author as a little girl and her Grandma, leading to the main story, but this is dropped in the fourth book as they launch straight into the story.

We have enjoyed all the stories but the most memorable was definitely the day Mabel and her best friend Sarah Jane were looking after a baby whilst her mother chatted to Mabel’s.  Their decision that it would be more fun to put the sleeping baby on the bed and wheel around their baby pig in her pram and clothes instead has hilarious consequences!

Each story has something of a moral to it, but simply as a lesson to be learnt rather than a sermon to be preached.  Mabel’s big brothers are very familiar figures to me, constantly teasing and winding up their little sister (!) and her parents are very much in the Little House mould, full of patience and good sense.

The books also have fun pictures and reasonably large writing, easy enough for fluent readers. My girls pick them up and read them to themselves for pleasure, but these are the kind of books that make me glad I still get to read aloud to them all!


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