A Bit of Warmth

I know that some of you readers have reached the warmth of summer (enjoy!) and some of you perhaps never leave it, but here in the UK it has turned cold all of a sudden.  After a disturbingly mild Christmas (didn’t feel right singing “on a cold and crispy morning”…), the ice alert has started to flash on the car dashboard and the snow has arrived!

So as a change of scenery for my fellow Brits, I thought this was as good a time as any to (finally) post some photos from our month in Guadeloupe last summer.  Certainly a cheaper way of warming up than all these holidays to Australia that the radio keeps advertising!

Our first week there was pretty calm, mostly spent at home or in Bertie’s local town as we were car-less, so we were very excited to get an invitation to stay that first weekend in a holiday apartment by the sea with his sister and her friends. Highlights – being right by the sea with an air conditioned bedroom, not to mention a tv to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics back at home. Lowlights – I got my first (and only!) really bad sunburn, sigh, and practically fainted – I was very glad for that air con! The sea was a bit rough for my liking although it didn’t put the kids off! And why did French tv not show the home nation during the opening parade?? I sat through two hours of other countries….for nothing!


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