Birthday Girl!

This dear girl turned 7 (SEVEN??!!) today and it was a great day of rejoicing indeed.  Out came the ‘throne’ as she excitedly opened her various presents.  I was very impressed that her list was so short – a Barbie VW car, a new quilt, a colouring book and an activity book – either she is learning restraint, or she is learning that her mother is quite frugal!


We also honoured another special tradition that CassCass herself started a few years ago – a bouquet of flowers from Daddy! How nice that they even match her princess dress!


CassCass exceptionally enjoyed snow for her birthday (as a friend commented, you can’t order that from Amazon!) and the three of them spent the morning in and out trying out their new sledge and throwing snowballs at the windows (my job was to look cold and horrified on the other side of the glass!).

Bertie treated us to crepes for our lunch followed by his highly reputed galette des rois in place of a birthday cake (his fourth and final one of the year!).  He thoughtfully ensured that the birthday girl got the feve, making her Queen for the year. Grandma and Grandpa braved the snow and popped in to join the celebrations then the day finished with CassCass’ choice of tagliatelle carbonara for tea.

Tomorrow we are having a small party of 8 girls here (our house doesn’t do big, and besides, the party plates come in packs of 8!) so we are looking forward to more joy and merriment then!


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