It has been a busy few months! A month in Guadeloupe, enjoying catching up with the in-laws and gloating over Team GB’s marvellous performance in the Olympics, then straight back into London life and our most structured homeschool year yet – after 12 weeks of following (and keeping up with!) my finely crafted schedule, not to mention a week in France in the middle, I am looking forward to a quieter December full of Christmas fun.  Perhaps I will even find time to post some photos from all the above events?

So why the celebrating?  Well, our week in France ended rather sourly, when someone smashed our car window and stole the laptop we had loaned to us from our church, just weeks after my own one gave up the ghost (and most astonishingly, hoards of creatures crept out of it when my techie brother opened it up to investigate! Ugh!).  So having been computerless for quite a while, I decided it was time to choose another one.  I never realised what an overwhelming choice there was out there, but thanks again to Big Brother Ali whose incisive comments (“go for the  smallest numbers…”) proved so helpful.

And so today, a day early, we returned home in the dark to find….our brand new Dell Inspiron laptop sitting on our front door step in full view! Dear me!  After recovering from the sheer miracle of it being safely there, I have spent the evening trying to understand Windows 8 and all the weird and wonderful things they have done with it – why can’t it just be like before?? I was heard to cry on numerous occasions.   But I think I have finally got the hang of it and found everything that matters whilst disposing of everything else.  Now I am just waiting to visit that marvellous brother of mine to get him to install all the documents from my three non-functional laptops  (yes, we work them hard in this house!).  And after all that plugging, if anyone would like their own visit from my highly talented brother, I will be delighted to point you in the right direction, commission-free of course!



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