In Our Garden

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We haven’t been as active in our gardening this year as previously, but there are still a few things growing (thanks to Bertie and no thanks to the hens, who decimate any plant that takes their fancy!).

Tomatoes, lettuces, courgettes, cucumbers, basil, dill, coriander, beans and peas are the main vegetables; the apples are coming on nicely, aside from those blown off by recent gales; nasturtiums; and finally one of those treats that you plant one year and forget about the next until those beautiful flowers appear – one of my favourites, Sweet William!


One thought on “In Our Garden

  1. You didn’t mention the lovely trees and the lovely children who grow in your garden! Both of them make it an idyllic place to sit in the sun. Also the lavender, honeysuckle and roses I enjoyed yesterday.

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