A Country Fair

Here was a treat for us townies…a trip to a Country Fair

Our first ever viewing of Sheep Shearing!  Fitted in beautifully with our recent chapters of  The Children of Willow Farm.

The sheep didn’t make it easy for him, but he won out in the end!  Apparently each fleece is only worth a couple of pounds and the shearer gets only half of that for his efforts.  But it does save the sheep from potential serious infection from flies laying their eggs in the wool.

Next up was the one and only….Lamb National!!  Can you see the little teddies hanging on their backs?  We had to choose our favourite and cheer them round the course, Bertie’s Mint Sauce left the others in the shade!

A stallholder after my own heart – why content yourself with simply painting a ready made willow shape, when you can learn to actually make one yourself?  Our children all had a go and were very pleased with their efforts!

We didn’t even have time for the falcons, wood-carving, candle-making…definitely a visit for next year!


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