Sports Day

Each summer there is a special Sports Day for the homeschoolers in our area.  After arriving five minutes before the end last year, we were determined to make the whole event this year!

Three cheers for the organisers, it was a really well-run even.  The eighty or so children of different ages were split into teams and a teenager given charge of each group.  First came the team events – piggy back racing, three running backwards with arms linked, half and then the whole team running holding hands in a circle. 

The littles were given their own race (with or without older sibling, as they preferred) and then we moved onto the age events – racing and shoe throwing.  As you can imagine, it got very competitive with the older ones! 

And then the grand finale – the tug of war!  Each team pulled against all the others in turn, and LissaLou was so pleased to be part of the only team that won all their rounds!  Go Whites!  For the last few minutes the rain poured down as they slipped their way to victory.  Sadly the mums v dads tug of war was consequently called off…

It was lovely to see integration in action, as all ages and levels worked together for the good of the team.  Groups ran at the speed of the smallest with the greatest of patience (or they were swept along feet barely touching the ground!) and one group even slowed to the speed of one of their members in her wheelchair.  Great examples for all the kids. 

Both CassCass and JoJo were a bit overwhelmed by the number of unfamiliar faces so they opted to sit and watch – though CassCass assured me she will be brave enough to take part next year, having seen the fun they were having!  They did find a grassy slope to roll down and that kept them happy for the duration!

The final highlight was taking the DLR there and pretending to be the drivers of this driver-less train.  You have never seen such excited children!  Now, what are the chances of ever finding the rucksack and Octonaut bottle that JoJo left onboard in his excitement…?


2 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. Glad you had a good day! I l love the wheel chair photo. So glad they can roll down a slope if they want! School is so much not like this! You did well with back views and distance ones.

    • Thanks! Yes, it was a lovely location for a Sports Day. One day we will even visit the playpark, rain has stopped us twice now! LissaLou was fascinated by the thought that in ten years time it could be our three who are leading the teams…!!

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