What About All That Paper?

Do you ever feel like you a swamped under a sea of paper in your home?  Me too.  I can spend hours looking through piles, filing and recycling, only to discover a few weeks later that hey presto, those piles have reappeared.  Astonishing!

Whilst we don’t tend to use much paper in our school time (mental work, black/white board both help reduce the amount), paper from the children’s efforts does tend to be the greatest culprit in those piles.  Hoarder that I am, it is difficult to get rid of things that they have put effort into.  I also like having something tangible to look at to see what they have been doing – I read the suggestion that we photograph all their artwork and then chuck 99% of it, but I am sure we will never sit looking through work on the computer, just like we don’t look at digital photos as much as we look at albums.

So I loved this idea from a fellow homeschooler – she uses an A4 Display Book such as this one we got from Rymans and simply slips in the folder any examples of new developments or particularly interesting work.  For any mums with younger children out there, it is so handy when you not only date their pictures or efforts at writing, but also jot down on the paper anything notable: perhaps it was the first time they wrote a letter or drew arms coming out of the body rather than the head! 

I got three books of 60 pockets each and attacked the huge pile of paper that dated back to LissaLou’s early years, then spent hours sifting through, trying to decide which gems to keep and which just had to go, before filing it all in chronological order (because I am like that!).  I was so pleased with the results, and we regularly look through them. 

Here, for example, I was able to pick out a picture done by CassCass in or around November 2007, 2008, 2009 (top row left to right), 2010 and 2011 and May 2012 (bottom row left to right).  Don’t you just love seeing the developing skill like that!

Now I just have to remember to keep sifting and filing (not to mention dating and noting!) – and soon it will be time to get the girls new albums!  I guess six/eight years of work in one book is not bad!


2 thoughts on “What About All That Paper?

  1. It is probably a bit late for this as Jojo is nearing 5 but there is a book called From Birth to Five Years by Mary Sheridan which looks at the progress and it includes I think, a chapter on analysing drawings. Very interesting.

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