Homeschooling – Geography

Not so much to say on this one!

Our main book, Paddle to the Sea by Holling C Holling, has been a wonderful read and I would highly recommend it to anyone, homeschooler or not.  It is the story of a little Indian canoe made by a little Indian boy and left at the top of a mountain in Canada north of the Great Lakes with the logic that the current should take it eventually out to sea.

You get a great idea of the different areas that the boat passes through as it travels through the five Great Lakes and then down the Niagara Falls and along the St Lawrence River before finally…well, read it and see!  Our relatives live near Toronto and when they came over here, CassCass was able to remember the names of four of the lakes for them – more than I could!  I’d love to find some equally well written books for UK geography!

We enjoyed the little film about Paddle on YouTube (though the children preferred the book) and are looking forward to reading the rest of Holling C Holling’s books about other parts of America.

Otherwise, we are constantly dipping in and out of maps.  I picked up an Atlas of Ancient Worlds very cheaply at TK Maxx and I would never have guessed how interesting it has been to look through and how much we have referred to it whilst reading On the Shores of the Great Sea.  If LissaLou doesn’t recognise the Mediterranean now, well, what can I say?!

We also look at tube and train maps when we are travelling, and talk about the different features that we are seeing (or would see) in different places.  You can travel the world through a few well chosen books!  And of course, we will be following our route as we fly over the Atlantic to the West Indies in the summer, then noting all the local features – volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, sunshine, heat…things we haven’t seen much of around here recently!


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