A Westfield Date

I have to admit, I kept away from the new  Westfield shopping centre in Stratford (next to the Olympic Stadium for any non-Londoners) for as long as I could.  A temple to consumerism and keeping us all from enjoying the Great Outdoors etc.  However, Mum finally got us there recently and it was such fun!  Watching history being made with the building of the Olympic site.  Watching the trains coming in and out of Stratford whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea in M&S (did I ever mention my love of trains?!).  Visiting some slightly more inaccessible shops – Lakeland!  Foyles!  Ah well, so much for strong principles!

Well, with this being half term, I had already persuaded Bertie to take the children out for a Daddy date, so with LissaLou at a friend’s and JoJo making a model with Daddy, I thought why not a Mummy-Daughter date?  In fact, I reckon I get the least one-on-one time with CassCass (typical middle child situation perhaps?) so what a treat!  And when I offered her a choice between a trip to our local shopping area or to Westfield, well,  there was no hesitation there! 

Being a tree

It was a gloriously windy day but CassCass was quite prepared, wearing two skirts under her summer dress, so no chance of any embarrassing moments there!  Hmm, an idea to remember…oh wait, that is why they invented petticoats! We enjoyed our free cup of tea (thanks Mum!) and babycino (we LOVE M&S babycinos, only 50p and comes with small biscuit and marshmallows).  Plenty of time to chat about this and that, not to mention draw a portrait of each other.

Artist hard at work

A quick visit to the Disney store and then to Lakeland for a groovy new washing basket to replace those that have been used too often for ships in our house, and then back to our train and home again.  A great time was had by all!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, definitely the fairest of them all!


4 thoughts on “A Westfield Date

  1. Don’t let anyone think I was dragging you to a temple of consumerism! There are interesting things to be seen at Westfield – such as you have mentioned.
    What did you buy at the Disney store?!
    I like the tree suitably placed with the leaves behind!
    I didn’t know you liked trains!

    • Well if you dragged me there the first time (!) then I went quite willingly the second! Do you know, I said to CassCass we could only go in if she didn’t ask to buy anything. And she didn’t!
      I did like the posing of the tree one!

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