The Bees are Here!

Wednesday night our kind friend brought this box down from Norfolk, full of six frames of bees buzzing noisily.  Apparently we are in luck as this is a very good ‘nuc’ of bees, normally there are only five frames. 

Can you see them all at their blocked doorway, raring to go?  Bertie opened this up the following morning and they spent the day hanging around the box and getting a grip on their new neighbourhood. 

I have to say it was slightly daunting seeing them all over that corner of the garden and we avoided that section all day, but now that they are feeling a bit more settled, they come out of the box and had straight off to wherever their mission leads them next, and are not really hovering outside the box.  Phew!

Tomorrow Bertie will don his suit and take his smoker for the first time to transfer them into their new home…


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