Another New Park (For Me)

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In the midst of the recent torrents of rain and cold that marked April, we decided to ignore the weather and go over to a park next to Bertie’s former preferred golf course, Fairlop Waters.  It is always nice to see where your husband spends his time, and I was surprised to see what a lovely place it was, with the park and golf course not even separated by a fence, as it all borders a couple of small lakes.

Within minutes of our arrival, the heavens opened and down came hail of all things, but we courageously continued and were rewarded for our perseverance with a bit of sunshine and even a rainbow at the end.  On drawing their favourite part of the visit, that was LissaLou’s choice.

The area was so peaceful and there was plenty of nature to see: swallows and swifts darting around, ducks and swans bobbing along, and then a glimpse of a heron on the far side of the lake, gone by the time we made it round.  We headed off the beaten track and discovered a smaller, even more beautiful lake, and in order to walk all the way around we had to squeeze through a hole in the fence into a rapeseed field.  It is always good to see the kids enjoying the outdoors, and they certainly did on this occasion.

We then discovered the play areas – huge boulders for climbing, discarded wood made into various activities and the strangest of all – giant mole hills!  Whoever had that idea?  I was glad we only found them at the end of our walk, or we probably would not have got any further and would have missed all the best bits!


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