Leicester in the Rain

A bonus of not going on holiday, aside from spending less (!) is that we had lots of time to catch up with lots of wonderful friends during the holidays.  A neighbour kindly hensat for us, allowing a quick trip to Leicester to stay with my oldest friend (we met at the tender age of 6 in the school playground).  The kids had great fun together and as ever we marvelled at how her little girl had grown since our last visit a year ago.  The rain put a dampner on excursions but they did introduce us to the New Walk Museum, a very pleasant place to spend a wet afternoon.

It had a dinosaur etc section, where the kids were all captivated by the computer monitors rather than the bones (sigh). Then we moved onto the stuffed animals section, with very cool tunnels for the children to crawl around in, before finishing off in the history section – here are my three little Romans wearing a very heavy replica of a helmet found in the local area.  I wonder if JoJo thought that the grim expression made him look more…Roman?

It just so happened there was a visit from the resident Madagascan cockroaches, which the children watched in fascination, whilst I could not overcome my revulsion.  Ugh!  But I was most impressed at LissaLou following her friend’s example and allowing one to crawl over her hand.  Now we know who will be dealing with the ravets in Guadeloupe this summer…! 


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