Awaiting the New Family Members…

The excitement is mounting in our house…Any ideas what is coming?  No, not an extra terrestial alien from Dr Who!

Yes, it is indeed a bee hive, awaiting its residents due tomorrow!

This has been Bertie’s pet project over the past months, since a kind cheque from HMRC meant we had the funds to invest in all the needed equipment.  He has been reading bee stuff, doing a bee keeping course, researching for hours on end the best low priced equipment and quite simply talking bees bees bees!  It is always an inspirational thing to see a person with a new passion!

Last week the hive actually arrived and Bertie has been painstakingly putting it all together, not quite as easy as the Ikea flatpacks he is used to!  Tomorrow, a kind friend is bringing us our nuc of bees all the way from Norfolk (well priced and not at all aggressive – sounds great, but I am awfully glad that we are not the ones transporting them!) and they will sit for a few days on the new site before being transferred into their new home.  We are particularly glad to see all the sunshine forecast, should get them out and about as they start growing their colony.

If, like me, you have absolutely no idea about all this bee stuff, here is a quick tour around the hive.  These are the two supers, which is where we will put the frames that they will make honey on.  Umm, lovely!  See the yellow bit at the bottom?  That is the queen excluder, so she can get on with her job of laying lots of babies and not be tempted to go exploring and forget her duties…

And here is where she will lay all those babies – the brood box.

This is one of the many frames where all those little bee babies will be!

And here is our bee hive in its new location!  It is hidden away as much as possible, in a sunny draught-free spot at the back of the garden.  Bertie is hoping to put up a fence to encourage them all to fly up rather than out.  Well done to him for all his hard work!!


2 thoughts on “Awaiting the New Family Members…

  1. What a wonderful way of explaining all this so simply; hard work but definitely enjoyable! From now on you should all Beeware of the bees.

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