I know, I know, I am running a little behind here… but I figured it was still worth recording what we did as who knows, it may give someone some ideas in the years to come?  Or at least remind me what we got up to!

I always find Easter a bit tricky.  There is so much to do at Christmas – books, activities galore.  Then you get to Easter, and it really is mostly eggs and bunnies, which is all very well, but so far from the point.  Last year we were at the seaside during the Easter holidays so we didn’t plan many activities, but knowing we would be home most the holidays this time, I made a list of all possible things to do, and we did nearly all of them.  Still have the ingredients for a simnel cake waiting in the cupboard though!

Easter Books – we don’t have many so I invested in a couple.  I can’t work out how to insert a picture of the book so if you can advise on that, please do!

The Tale of Three Trees – a lovely book about  three trees with high ambitions to be great that they find being fulfilled in very different ways than they had dreamed.  The kids read this one over and over to themselves.

The Story of the Easter Robin – this was a really nice read, though the robin doesn’t look like any I have seen!  A little girl watches a robin lay its eggs and fears for their safe arrival, whilst learning about Easter from her Grandma. 

The Easter Story (Usborne) – I got this for JoJo with its easier vocab.  Perhaps he will be reading it himself next year?!

Easter, The Everlasting Story – great for the girls as a more detailed account with very vivid pictures.

Eggs – we managed to avoid buying (or even receiving) any this year and instead made our own.  LissaLou and I made a great team as I made holes in eggs with a needle and block and she mastered the art of blowing out the yolk.  After a good wash and heating them in the oven, we filled them with a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate, then left them in the fridge.  Delicious!

Easter Party – I had thought of doing this last year, so was pleased to actually manage it this year.  We invited a group of mostly girls round and had a range of activities.  They made chocolate nests with shredded wheat and chocolate, topping them with eggs and a cute little chick.  They also decorated easter eggs pictures with crushed and dyed egg shells – pretty but messy!  We had an easter egg hunt and finally read the Easter story together before acting it out, using the various costumes from our nativity play.  All all in all, a good time was had by all – and we were most relieved that the rain held off!

Finally, Messy Church on Easter Saturday. For those unfamiliar with the idea, it is basically a family friendly time of singing, bible story, craft and food.  The story time involved us writing something we were sorry for on a piece of paper and then putting it at the foot of the cross.  We then went over to the bucket representing God’s heart, and received our own personal promise from it.

The craft this time was a very cool Easter garden – they had gone to a lot of effort and produced many seed trays filled with turf.  Our job was to paint a yoghurt pot a grainy grey, colour in the main characters and stick them onto lolly sticks, and make a cross with some more sticks.  We did a family one and it looked very effective – Bertie took it into church as a visual aid the next day.

Have a look at the photos of these events below – finishing up with their smiling chocolatey faces on Easter morning!

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4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Thanks for the book reviews Heather – very useful! I have added two to my wish list for next year. I always struggle with what to do for Easter too so it’s good to have some new ideas 🙂

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