Highlights of March

A quick recap on some sunny days before the April Showers came in all their splendour!

Despite being a born and bred Londoner, there are still some places I have not yet been, and this park was one of them. Corams’ Fields always makes me think of Esther as she first told me about it, and I am glad to have finally experienced its delights! It is beautifully situated next to Great Ormond Street Hospital and is a huge space with a very large sandpit area and various other play areas, as well as a mini farm.  Definitely worth a visit, but noentry for adults without children. I was keeping an eye on six children whilst my friend popped into the hospital, happily the sandpit kept them well occupied and out of trouble!


I had to chuckle at this one of JoJo and his little friend, mid afternoon, exhausted by a day’s play!

Later that week I took LissaLou and her friend out shopping for summer dresses – little did we know that we would be putting them away again for the next month as temperatures plummeted!  But they had a lovely time and very much enjoyed their first Starbucks frapuccino experience!


Any idea why we were amongst the crowds gathered in one of our nearby parks the following day?  To eat our yearly ration of candyfloss? I think not. 

To watch these smart men (and women) in uniform march up and down?  Surely something more…

Ah, here is the answer!  Can you spot who swept by in her car?!

Yes indeed, HRH Queen Elizabeth in light blue paid us a visit to kick off her Jubilee tour! Loyal subjects that we are, we waited over an hour and waved our flags in pride.  Pity we didn’t get a better view of her, but we had a delicious picnic and play in the park after!


2 thoughts on “Highlights of March

  1. You have a very good memory, it must be almost five years since we went to Corams’ Fields! Ah London, I miss your parks.

  2. I have been meaning to go since you first mentioned it – goodness, has it taken me five years?? Well, if good things come to those who wait, I may even make it to NZ one day!
    Our parks are splendid, but you have the beach!

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