Birthday Boy

JoJo turned four last week, and it is lovely to see how he is growing and maturing.  Having waited patiently his turn through his two sisters’ birthdays, he was really looking forward to his own, in a way he hasn’t done before.  Ask him how old he is and he is delighted to hold up four sweet little fingers, whilst in church he saw a 4 on the screen and shouted out “Mummy, that’s my number!”

The throne made its final appearance of the year (presuming Bertie doesn’t request it!) and he loved the presents he received – woodwork, tools, bow and arrow, pirate stuff, it is all a nice change from Barbies and princesses!  We also picked up a bike on ebay and once the stabilisers are on I am sure he will enjoy imitating his sisters in the park. 

My cake was something of flat failure – no idea why, as I followed the recipe to the letter, however, I worked hard late at night to decorate it and was very happy with the outcome.  Even LissaLou declared it the best cake I had ever made! (That was before eating it though…!) The instructions are here for any other mothers who have Octonaut-mad children!

We were particularly thrilled with a cowboy outfit that Grandma made, based on one she had made for my big brothers in their dim and distant childhood.  JoJo has not taken it off since!!


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