Life On The Prairie

We have been reading our way through the Little House series recently and it has fired the imagination of the girls as we learn about the fascinating life Laura Ingalls and her family lived.  For us city-dwellers, the idea of travelling across the lonely prairie by wagon, living miles from anywhere, and producing nearly everything needed to survive through the year is quite an incredible one.  

I have read of various homeschoolers who said their children had so enjoyed a book that they slipped it in to their play and their everyday life in the following days, and it was great to see this happen for the first time. (Although LissaLou and her friends have been acting out the Famous Five for a while before moving on to Pollyanna.)  It is also a pleasant change to see Barbie being used for something other than princess stories!

So here is the little house on the prairie (somewhere in Indian territory) with Ma looking after baby Carrie whilst Laura and Mary sleep in their cots.

If I remember rightly, Pa had gone to town (a four day trip) and was sleeping rough on the prairie, trying to keep from being eaten by wolves and the occasional panther. Here he is…

The Ingalls’ claim was unsuccessful as they were actually squatting on Indian land. When Pa found this out, rather than face soldiers, he preferred to leave behind everything they had built and planted over the past year, and with their wagon and basic necessities, set off for pastures new…

Now we are reading of their consequent adventures on the banks of Plum Creek, and it is a highlight of the day (as well as a real incentive to get ready for bed on time!) when we all snuggle up on the sofa just before bed to read the next installment!

On being asked what they liked about the books, CassCass decided it was hearing Pa call Laura “a half pint of sweet cider”, LissaLou said they were fun, and JoJo loved the moment when the oxen run over the roof of their dugout (underground home) and one puts his foot through it!


3 thoughts on “Life On The Prairie

  1. I’ve heard that there are tours where you can actually experience what it’s like to ride in a covered wagon like the Ingalls family. Perhaps your kids would enjoy that when they’re old enough. 🙂

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