Belated Birthday Update

LissaLou reached the grand old age of 8 last month so apologies for the delay in acknowledging such an important date in this little part of the blogosphere!

Out came the throne again for presents and breakfast before we hurried ourselves along and actually managed to get ourselves to Grandma’s on time for the lunchtime festivities. We did want to try out the new routemaster bus which was due to start running today (you can jump on the open back door if you like, or take the more dignified buggy and wheelchair-friendly standard doors) but sadly it’s entry into the world was delayed another week.  Oh well.  We consoled ourselves with grapes, a new super duper electric toothbrush for LissaLou and a trip home via the cavernous, shiny new station at Dalston Junction!

At LissaLou’s request, her birthday meal was also what her cousin Jérémie chooses for his special day: raclette.  Bertie’s sister gave us an electric raclette grill a few years ago and we have had a lot of use from it.

For those who are unfamiliar with this delicious dish, we heat our meat on the top of the grill (this time we had a wonderful selection including parma ham and salami) and put the cheese slices in little trays underneath to melt.  Usually we get the cheese in France but this time i picked up a choice here.  Note to self: make sure you choose melting cheeses in the future!  All this is served with boiled potatoes and plenty of lip smacking, finger licking joy!


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