Pottery Part 2

In this post I said what a good time we had had making pots with our Galt pottery set. We only needed to leave it 24 hours to air dry but life intervened, and it wasn’t until last week that we finally painted them.

This was equally fun and the children all did a good job of it according to their various ages and talents. I don’t know where we went wrong, but a few bits broke off and the pots are relatively fragile for small hands.

We used the special ceramic paints provided and there was a lovely choice of colours, but just not enough of the paint, especially the bright colours. Only JoJo really wanted to use black! However, we did a grand job with what we had and were pleased with the results. Mine is enjoying a place of prominence on my new chest of drawers!


2 thoughts on “Pottery Part 2

  1. You could do with 3 old shirts to be worn while painting! Also interesting how far up they all hold the brush. Would they have better control a bit nearer the bristles? Does it matter?!

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