Let It Snow!

I am not a big snow fan, but this one has been very thoughtful: a huge amount of snow in one fell swoop for everyone to enjoy on a Sunday when no other engagements required leaving the area, then politely disappearing over the coming days so as not to outstay its welcome.


I am not the chief snowman maker in our family as my hands get too cold, but a very wise friend kindly got me for my birthday a pair of waterproof gloves, and oh! the difference that it makes! Our snowman kept growing and growing till it had bypassed the girls and we were feeling very proud of ourselves. Then along came the official snowman maker and produced one that outdid it…hmph! Though he was wearing my gloves, I hasten to add!

(Just an aside for any Dr Who fans out there, don’t you think it bears a strange resemblance to the Silence?? I was quite relieved when it collapsed and stopped staring at me…!)

If you look carefully, you will see the baby that the girls added onto the Mummy one (ah!) and thanks are due to their friend who very professionally tied the tie onto the child one. Tie tying is not something we are gifted at here. Downside of homeschooling, evidently!

This was quite possibly the highlight of our snow day. LissaLou remembered from our reading Little House in the Big Woods last year that they had had this dish during the snow time, and that I had said at the time that we should try it out when it snows. Great memory! So we heated our maple syrup, poured it on our fresh snow (carefully collected by Daddy to ensure no nasties lay within…) and enjoyed. Yum, it was so delicious! Highly recommended!

We were looking forward to seeing how the hens found the snow, and they were not amused! On Sunday they would barely leave their house to go into the coop where there was a light smattering of snow. However, by Monday they had found their courage and were happy to go out foraging in the garden on any green space they found. But standing guard over them in the freezing cold was not much fun for me!

Just had to squeeze this picture in – JoJo made this all by himself on Monday, any guesses as to what it is??


2 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Is it a duck? Impressive snowmen! Oh no , not the Silence again! Lissa Lou looked at the Dr Who DVD today and said she wanted to watch the one about the statues – I told her how they moved when you weren’t watching . . .
    Lovely photo from the back door! Can’t believe I sat there for hours in the sun in the summer, sniffing the roses, the honeysuckle and the lavender!
    I gave the hens porridge in that green bowl!

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