Tuesday’s Choice: Early Readers

This is definitely a part of this blog that I missed! So many wonderful books that we have been reading and that I wanted to share with the world. Now the problem is – which one do I choose? Well, as we have had a new reader in the house, here are a few early readers we have enjoyed.

I just have to get it off my chest which ones I do not enjoy – the Oxford Reading Scheme. Why oh why oh why are they inflicting these books on us poor parents, having to sit through and listen to child after child read about Biff, Kipper and all the other odd characters. Biff? Kipper?? Honestly?!

Sorry, I just had to say that. But moving on, we have really enjoyed the Frog & Toad series by Arnold Lobel. They are a bit beyond basic readers, with four large print stories in each book, about two best friends, a frog and a toad (er, obviously) who enjoy every day life, often with unintended comical results. I found them really funny, and that is always a bonus when listening to your child reading! They also portray a really nice friendship between the two.

Another series we have started is Billy and Blaze by C W Anderson, about a boy and his horse. CassCass and LissaLou both enjoyed these, and I think they will be just right for JoJo with plenty of adventure and suspense. The writing is a bit smaller (amazing how important this and the pictures are for them!) but there are only a few lines on each page. Both of these series also have plenty of interesting vocabulary.

The final series we liked was about Little Bear and his friends and family (Else Holmelund Minarik). These are easier reading, with larger print, although full pages. They are very gentle and repetitive, with simpler vocab, but pleasant stories to read.

Otherwise for early readers I am a great believer in letting them read anything that you have on your bookshelves or from the library for small children (unless they know it by heart already!) and making sure it is as much a pleasure for the listener to hear as possible!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Choice: Early Readers

  1. The pictures are a help for early readers – giving clues to the content of the story.
    They should still read books they know by heart to boost their confidence – along with books they don’t know so well, of course.
    Think of the poor teachers who have a whole class of Biff and Kipper inflicted on them. It seems to me a bit like the RC church – safety in structure – or something. Apologies to any RC readers, I dont mean to be rude!

  2. I refused to buy the Oxford Reading Tree – Princess bought some with her own money. As you like Frog & Toad, do try Nate the Great and if CassCass is reading Black Beauty see if you can find a copy of “Betsy & Tacy” which is all about girls of about her age playing games and growing up at turn of the century US.

  3. Awww… we’ve enjoyed the Oxford Reading Tree read at home series jd loves looking for the items throughout each book and they’ve really helped consolidate his phonics and words by sight in a meaningful context. He’s enjoyed the stories too. However, we’re coming to the end of these now and having just had a peek at your recommendations, I must say they look delightful and i’ll certainly be looking out for them 🙂 Yve x

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