Welcome To Our New Home

A doll’s house is one of those gifts that I have long wanted to get for the girls, probably as it is just the kind of toy that I would like! So as a joint Christmas/Birthday/Any other occasion you fancy present, and after much comparing online, I went for this model, though on ebay as Toys r us have unsurprisingly sold out!

I liked the fact it had four floors, the layout of the house (needs to have room for a few kids playing at once), and I particularly liked it being wooden and having so much lovely furniture.

It came through last week and Bertie gave me the job of putting it together, as he has done several IKEA items recently and wanted a break! When reading in Little House on the Prairie about Pa making all the furniture himself, CassCass commented that was just like Daddy who makes our furniture! I guess she is right in a way!

The children of course wanted to help out and aside from that with their invaluable assistance (I have always wanted to bar something!!) we got it done in an evening – Bertie did have to step in and give a hand at times! Here we are hard at work…

Of course, the most delightful part for the girls was moving all the furniture in so that it was just so. Is that a particularly girly trait? It certainly seems to be the most fun part for them – they are currently reorganising the house three times a day, and I have threatened to do so after they have gone to bed!

A final feature I love about the house is that it really is a blank slate – we are intending to decorate it, put in curtains and carpets, add window boxes and even a fireplace. I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Home

  1. I have made a protem rug for one of the floors – didn’t realise there were so many tho’!
    On Wednesday its my turn to reorganise the house!

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