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I got the Galt Pottery kit for the children as a Christmas present and they have been asking each day to use it. We had a nice empty day last week (rare thing here!) and delightedly opened our box then spent a really fun hour or so at work.

Despite saying for over fives on the box, we let JoJo have a go and he did a really good job. Perfect activity for a playdough loving child!

The instructions told us how to make three types of pots: first up was the pinch pot, where you just make a ball and…pinch a hole in it!

Then the coils pot – shaping all those worm-like coils so they were roughly even was a lot trickier for the younger two. Lissa Lou decided to smooth hers down and put a lot of time and effort into that.

Meanwhile JoJo decided two pots were sufficient and moved onto playing, so it was left to CassCass and I to work on the hardest one Рthe slab pot. That required cutting six squares and then attaching them all together РCassCass proved a dab hand at cutting and a real knife was a lot easier than the plastic one provided. We used a cardboard template to get the shape right. We were a bit disappointed that the newspaper stuck to the clay and was a great task to remove Рa  plastic sheet would be better.

The clay went further than I had expected, so we were able to make some embellishments at the end. Then it was all left to air dry. Now every few hours I am hearing “please can we paint it?”! A task for the coming week…


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