Parade Day

The girls have been going to Girls Brigade for nearly a year now – being an ex-Brownie myself I did look into them first but we opted for GB as we already knew folk there. They really enjoy their weekly meetings, which include singing, crafts and games. They also took part in the Christmas play in December and did a grand job as a sheep and an angel.

Girls Brigade is split into four sections: Explorers, Juniors, Seniors & Brigaders, each with their own unique t-shirt (Explorers are red). They mostly do activities in their own groups but get together for games and occasional things.

Every few months there is a parade at the church that holds the meetings and this was the girls’ first time in the full uniform which just arrived a couple of weeks ago. Don’t they look smart? And sort of…lost inside those huge jumpers! Unfortunately the supplier has stopped supplying and this was all that was left, but as they will wear it through till they are finished I guess they will eventually fit them! 

I thought our budding willow tree in the background sets them off nicely!

I had to add in this photo of JoJo with his very good homeschooling friend whose sister is also in GB – no, the matching waistcoats were not planned, but don’t they look lovely!


2 thoughts on “Parade Day

  1. Wonderful photos! From what I’ve seen of GB that was a good decision and I wish there had been one around here for you to go to.

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