A Sunday Afternoon Heritage

I keep thinking it would be a good idea to start LissaLou on official baking/cooking lessons, so this afternoon as they all clamoured for food, it seemed as good a time as any to start.

We pulled out one of our favourite recipes, Drop Scones, found in my trusty River Cottage Family Cookbook.  This isn’t the only cookbook I use but I regularly turn to it, and for children it is great as it is written in such detail. It also suits adults who like to be told what to do when it comes to cookery!

LissaLou does remind me of Anne of Green Gables, being easily distracted, and needing frequent reminders to focus on the task in hand! Bertie was getting concerned they wouldn’t be ready before he had to get to church, fortunately she refocused and he got his share!

Following the recipe to the letter she produced 25 drop scones that were devoured by the impatient family members. (The recipe says 30-40 but I have no idea how they manage that many!) This also produced a useful maths lesson working out how to divide them fairly. Oh, we did replace the sugar with honey so I could enjoy them.

The special thing about our recipe though is that it says at the top Granny Jean made these on Sunday afternoons and George and I would queue up at the cooker waiting for one – hot, with butter, delish!

To my shame, I told Mum off for writing this in my nice new book, but now I am thrilled to have this little piece of family history recorded, and to be able to carry on the tradition a few generations later.

Fully concentrated on the task in hand

Fully appreciating their sister’s efforts

I would add that if you are going to use these big cookbooks, you definitely need one of these – my most useful Christmas present! No more trying to keep the recipe book open with various heavy items, only for it to fly shut at a crucial moment. This see-through stand keeps it positioned beautifully and furthermore keeps off all the dirt – though I have to admit I quite like the used and loved look of a recipe covered in food! Reminds me of Mum’s copy of Mrs Beeton, and is a great way of identifying the best recipes in the book!


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