Welcome Back!

How nice to return to this familiar space again! After a nearly two year absence, I can just about remember how to blog but I certainly couldn’t remember my password…

Why return?

Well, I have had a few kind people say that they enjoyed reading the bits and bobs I posted. Life has been whizzing along at a breakneck speed that I am sure you are familiar with so this year my phrase is GO SLOW. Or perhaps that should be Goooooo Sloooooooow? Blogging is actually a great way of doing that, taking time to sit and reflect – and what better thing to reflect on than the beauty all around? Finally, as our homeschool journey continues, this is a great place to record what and how we are doing and learning. I wrote copious amounts in a diary last year but let’s face it, a photo with a few words can be a lot more memorable!

Oh, and before I forget, let me thank the person who is making this all possible by her loan of her spare camera after mine so mysteriously disappeared (and don’t fear, she does have two more and a jolly effective mobile!)…SistaEvs!


7 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    • Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, havent they, sniff…! Still, no buggies, no nappies, no night wakings…two readers and one desperate to be a reader – growing up has its good points!

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