Now She Is Six

Birthday season for us begins in January and goes on till April – a great way to see us through the winter months, though not so good for outside parties! We have a few traditions in place already and are always happy to include any additional ones we like.

I love putting up photos of the person from their life so far, though as I never get around to printing out photos (downside of going digital), apparently all our lives stopped in April 2008. Sorry JoJo. This year I am putting them up in the person’s initials for something different.

The birthday person gets to choose their meal, and CassCass asked for baked potato and beans, pizza, and trifle. Well, we had the trifle last Sunday, the baked potatoes the following day, and enjoyed on the day the most delicious pizza I have every made (recipe courtesy of my already recommended River Cottage Family Cookbook) as well as a tasty cake (same source, kindly iced by LissaLou).

CassCass asked for me to make the living room look really special before she went to bed, so at 9pm I looked around desperately for ideas. Out came the Joyeux Anniversaire banner from Tatie Nadia in Guadeloupe (that’s three years old, five birthdays a year – does it qualify as an heirloom?!) and up went a Tinkerbell poster.

Then came in the pièce de résistance. The Chair. We had received this sumptuous red chair from an elderly friend at church the day before, and CassCass had suggested it could be a throne, so it was!

The next day she was thrilled to see it, and any activity that was any activity happened in The Chair.



Afternoon Tea and Candle Blowing (had to use tea lights as I forgot to stock up on candles, oops!)

The Birthday Girl did manage to leave it for a bit of play and to pose in front of her photo door, but woe betide her little brother who then tried to jump in it! His day will come!

So overall I think a very good day was had by all, especially with surprise visits from Grandma and Tatie Evie and a friend. Now a few weeks to prepare for the next one!


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