2011 Through My Mobile Phone

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Blogging has come along in the last two years, isn’t a slideshow great! I couldn’t work out how to put comments on the pictures though so you will have to read them separately, sorry! Have fun matching them if you have the patience!

So, 2011 in brief…began with our Swashbuckling Peter Pan Party, celebrating our trio reaching the grand old ages of 3, 5 and 7. A great day full of Pirates and Tinkerbells, including JoJo in his costume kindly made by our favourite Seamstress, Grandma.

CassCass celebrated her fifth year by REALLY getting into books. Here she is with dear old Teddy Robinson.

One of our favourite topics of study was New Zealand – not surprising with the parcel sent by our NZ friend, full of stickers, local chocolate and a wonderful book called Herbert. Read it if you can!

JoJo developed his building skills whilst we worked on developing his character. A trip to the woods meant he learnt that when Mummy says not to go in the muddy ditch,  and he does all the same, there will be consequences!

We spent lots of time doing Nature Study through the year. I think CassCass found wandering through flowers and trees rather odd! JoJo is always happy to see life at a different angle though, especially in the ever delightful Peter Pan park in Kensington (his very own pirate ship!).

At Easter we had a lovely week in Dorset with the family, spending lots of time on the beach. The kids loved it, though JoJo didn’t so much appreciate finding out why we don’t eat sand…

We got two chicks just before we left and then three more on our return. With only one casualty to the local feline population, they have been a great joy to us.

On our way back from Dorset we took a diversion to search for the source of the Thames. No sign of it anywhere. Fortunately a passerby took pity on us and led us to the tree under which it starts. Allegedly.

As ever, the year was punctuated with trips to London’s fine museums – we particularly enjoyed The Tiger Who Came To Tea exhibition at the Museum of Childhood. Another fine book to read!

The summer saw us in Keswick for the Convention. I wish I had the photo of JoJo meeting his musical hero Stuart Townend to show you! Anyway, great teaching and music, and lots of Swallows & Amazons (fortunately we had a fine Ship’s Boy and Captain Bertie to lead us safely in unexplored waters) as well as exhausting walks on the hills with the reward of beautiful views of the lakes below.

Back home, we had a day out in Oxford at the Ashmolean Museum (the anthropological section is just crammed full with fascinating items), meeting a dear old friend on the way…

Next saw the visit of the French cousins, who were thrilled with a maiden trip to… Starbucks! Whilst SisterEvs and I were equally thrilled to indulge our Dr Who passion first in Cardiff then at Kensington Olympia.

A new play area was installed in our local park and JoJo was thrilled to reach the peak of the climbing frame after months of pratice! However, he is equally happy down on the ground!

We had a great time in Paris in October visiting the family and some friends in Normandy. Have a look at SisterEvs’ blog as apparently I didn’t think it worth photographing. Perhaps I should at least have photographed the On Strike sign at the Musée d’Orsay which we had so been looking forward to visiting!

Finally Christmas arrived, and with it the Messy Church extravaganza…edible Nativity sets! Could you eat a jelly baby Jesus? Boxing Day was spent walking at Hatfield Forest, and the girls put on their wonderful Scottish themed Christmas dresses from Grandma (going back to her roots!).


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