Tuesday’s Choice: Pollyanna

Now that LissaLou is a bit older, she really enjoys a special time in the evening snuggled up on my knee (at what age do they grow too old for that?!) reading a chapter of a long book. We struggled through Peter Pan (you try it!) and managed a bit of Heidi in french (not sure who worked harder, the reader or the listener!) so Pollyanna (Eleanor H Porter) was a bit easier, though we still had to discuss a lot of what was going on and I left out a few bits here and there. Even I picked up a new phrase – anyone else know what a porte-cochère is? We were then thrilled to find a real one at Valentine’s House last week!

In any case it was a big hit – her response to what she thought of it was that it was exciting and nice, her favourite part was when Aunt Polly and the doctor got married (sorry for that spoiler, but it is quite easy to guess!!) and there was nothing she didn’t like!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Pollyanna, it is based on an 11 year old orphan going to live with her cold and distant aunt and melting the hearts of everyone in the entire town through her generally delightful personality and her special “glad game”. I love the idea of the glad game, based on her minister father discovering God tells us in 800 bible texts to be glad and rejoice (one day I shall try and find them all!). There is a tendency to be moany and complaining in our family, so it has been lovely to hear LissaLou come out with reasons to be glad recently.

The book was published in 1913 and it is also interesting to read about small town American life a hundred years ago – that too led to great discussions about our perspective. Pollyanna was amazed and overjoyed at her rich aunt having carpets and mirrors in her house, not to mention ice cream – we tend to overlook such luxuries around us all the time! I have heard criticisms of Pollyanna’s constant optimism (it does wear out sometimes!) but I like it, and it can be very inspirational for children and adults alike!

Right, a little girl is waiting for my knee – happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Choice: Pollyanna

  1. I’ve got pollyanna sitting on my shelf and when looking for our next suitable chapter book for judah, had a flick through, and all those lovely enjoyable emotions flooded back that i’d experienced when reading it as a child, i loved it 🙂 Was trying to decide if judah would :/ not for now!! He’s more into adventure stuff.
    We read ‘wind in the willows’ which he really enjoyed – not suprisingly he could identify with Toad! Although i had to miss out a whole chapter (very new-agey) and some other bits and pieces.
    I thought about peter pan but decided against for now.
    Then i started reading treasure island to see if that would be suitable – i found it riveting stuff – couldn’t put it down (very strange as that sort of book doesn’t usually appeal to me) and there’s no doubt he would love it too, but there’s no way i could read it to judah – far too violent with lots of bad pirate behaviour. Perhaps when he’s older. Or perhaps not, we’ll see!
    At the mo we’re reading more traditional english folk stories and poems from the internet (links from ambleside website) which are not quite the same as curling up with a book together on the sofa but we’re having fun with.
    Still looking for the next suitable chapter book. Might go for Paddington bear.
    We haven’t made it to the library for a while, so we’re really looking forward to a visit very soon to try out all the books you recommend!!
    Happy reading…
    Yve x

  2. Went 2 the library and got out some of those books in your tues slot, and other books by the same authors. Some we’d read before and i’d forgotten, judah enjoyed them all and is reading them over and over.

  3. “At what age do they get too old to cuddle up on the knee…?” Why, my dear we females never stop cuddling up , do we – it’s cuddle up with a book with our legs tucked underneath us, until we have a lovely man on whose knee we can… In fact I suppose it’s only when the old joints finally seize up on us that such pleasures are reluctantly relinquished.

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