Delicious Breakfast

I have been intending to make cinnamon bread for a while and with CassCass at her friend’s house, Jojo fast asleep, and LissaLou and I having completed several rows of knitting, yesterday afternoon was the moment!

I found the recipe on a website called The Fresh Loaf  and whilst it is relatively straightforward for a novice, it is quite lengthy – 30 minutes soaking to start, and three periods of rising totalling 3 and a half hours. These more serious bakers appear to weigh their ingredients on a digital scale (hence all the funny measurements) but I used cups and not entirey accurately at that, which doesn’t seem to have harmed it too much.

I liked this recipe as it had some wholemeal flour and oats to add to the nutritional value, as well as no sugar, just honey. I am also glad that I am getting more familiar with the breadmaking process (an advantage of having given away the breadmaker!) as I am a bit better at judging at how the texture of the dough should be.

The outcome was certainly most delicious! I made two loaves of bread and we have nearly finished the first for breakfast. I am not a big fan of bread at breakfast though (I like wet things!) so maybe it is better for afternoon tea? I also made some buns and put my favourite topping – cream cheese and icing sugar  – on top, yum!

A few photos of our hard work (taken by LissaLou due to my floury hands!) and then….RESULT!


2 thoughts on “Delicious Breakfast

  1. Coucou Alberto, Heather et les enfants
    ca fait longtemps que nous n’avions pas de vos nouvelles on a suivi un peu votre voyage, félicitations vous avez des enfants magnifiques !!
    En espérant que vous allez bien tous les cinq, pourrez vous nous envoyé votre nouvelle adresse ?
    Pas mal le pain à la cannelle !!
    A bientôt j’espère pour d’autre nouvelles
    bisous à vous
    David, Laure , Hugo et Noah

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