Busy Little Hands

I have come to the slightly sorry conclusion that a beautiful display of spring flowers in the garden is not compatible with a house of small children! However, rather than there being quite so much beauty in the garden, it is now scattered about the house, you just need to take a moment to look…

Bluebells and tulips to enjoy while I wash up

By CassCass’ bed,  in her new Princesses cup

Not to be left out, a small pot adorns LissaLou’s shelf of precious things

This little gift is decorating our bedroom radiator – along with the several Bertie somewhat bemusedly pulled out from under our pillows!

I was initially put out at this decimation of my tulip display, but on reflection, it does have a beauty of its own…!


3 thoughts on “Busy Little Hands

  1. Thank you. I can indeed read this darker print and have read your latest two articles. You wanted comments, so 1) are the girls too young to learn that the flowers are there in the garcden for all to enjoy and therefore they should not be collecting them…?2)I experienced the doubtful pleasure of an outside toilet (and no Bathroom, but a tin bath in the kitchen, with no wahing machine but a copper from 1950 to 1956 or thereabouts in case you want any insid(or outside) information…!

    • Glad you can read it now and good point! Actually, Jojo is the main culprit in picking but CassCass could be taught otherwise – on reflection, her intentions on picking them as gifts for us is rather sweet so perhaps that influences my response. Fascinating to read that about the toilet – Peepo also has a tin bath in the main room so it is obviously set at the same period. We discussed the disadvantages of having an outside toilet, and CassCass thought it would be the rain coming in whilst you were in there! You can tell us more on Sat!

  2. have just thought – you could have an interesting discussion on ‘how we heat our homes’, and where the different fuels come from. The BF s have an open fire don’t they? Do they use coal? I don’t know anyone who does – maybe some one you know in Scotland?

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