Tuesday’s Choice: The Dudgeon Is Coming

How does the cheerful opener to this book, “Pass on the news…The Dudgeon is coming, he’s shy and polite. Look after the Dudgeon, he’s coming tonight” become the sinister “Warn everybody with all of your might, the terrible DUDGEON is coming tonight!”?  

If you want to find out, and discover the lovely twist at the end (by which point the children are listening on tenterhooks, even on the twentieth time of reading!) then I would highly recommend this book, from another of my favourite authors, Lynley Dodd. We are introduced to the fantastically named Bombazine Bear, Taffeta Cat, Hopalong Snoot and Stickleback Twitch in her rhythmic and delightful style. Her illustrations are also great fun and add to the expectation that grows through the book. This has been Bertie’s favourite reading with the kids for the past couple of months (I sadly returned it to the library today!), which is praise indeed! I found it helpful for discussing gossip and rumours with LissaLou too.

And if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading her more famous series, about Hairy Maclary and all his friends, I would heartily recommend them as well. I can’t say how much I love the rhyme and the wonderful words she uses, which stick with you long after closing the book. I don’t think a child (or even an adult!) always needs to know exactly what a word means to enjoy hearing it (cacaphony, rapscallion, pilfered and pillaged, globulous to name but a few!) and you can have fun explaining them if they wish. On a practical note, I often travelled with these books in paperback as they are relatively small and thin (for children’s books – whose weight and bulkiness I was reminded of after another trip back from the library with 26 in my bag!)

Any other Lynley Dodd fans out there? Share with us your favourite book or character!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Choice: The Dudgeon Is Coming

  1. I haven’t heard of that particular Lynely Dodd (there are rather a lot of them now, although still all pretty good :)). I like Sniff Snuff Snap but that’s one of her more babyish ones so not sure if your girls would still. Caitlyn likes Slinky Malinki Catflaps at the moment – any cat we see is “her cat called Slinky Malinki”.

  2. There are an awful lot, it is nice to find the gems among them whilst knowing that they will all be enjoyable! Not heard of that one but perhaps Jojo would like it? I love Slinki Malinki – and that picture at the end where they are all in front of the fire with Scarface Claw sneaking in on the side is wonderful! Perhaps she should write a follow up…!

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