Enjoying The Easter Break

We had such a busy and pleasant fortnight that I had no time for blogging – in fact I don’t think I saw that much of the computer, which is no bad thing!

Here are a few highlights…

We didn’t do that much specifically for Easter, aside from some crafts with the girls’ Best Friends, but we did enjoy making (and eating!) a Simnel Cake – here it is looking gorgeous minutes before JoJo managed to get away with most of the disciples!! If you do have any good Easter activities, I would love to know them – especially ones actually Easter related rather than eggs and chocolate and bunnies…!

What fantastic weather we had on some days! We were delighted to give Bertie his first meal outdoors this year at our special wobbly picnic table – you must always give warning when you are about to rise, as like a seesaw, it throws the other person up in the air!

In our house, sunny weather is…BBQ weather! Bertie is planning on making one (when the chicken coop is done?) but in the meantime we borrowed one and enjoyed our usual chicken and sausages with salad and pitta bread, as well as the company of some friends. There were seven children attending and it was fun to watch their different ways of getting on – the two older boys bonded over football, croquet and running away from the little girls; LissaLou and her friend sat on their deckchairs and chatted, wearing sunglasses and aprons; the funniest sight was all the younger ones chasing the big boys waving hammers and croquet sticks and all secateurs! No damage done, I hasten to assure you, but they did look scary!

Our BBQ was followed by babysitting a friend’s trio, including very active twin boys. I discovered the best entertainment is…get them to work! Bertie got them to wash our car (finally!) and they did a fine job. This was after the other kids painting the undercoat on our living room walls very successfully. Well, they made a lot of mess but aside from that… Plus they loved it!

We went out for the day to Morden Hall Park in, yes Morden! It worked out about 30 stops on the tube for us so not the closest place, but if you are in the area, it is a lovely place with lots of waterlands to enjoy plus a farm nearby which made a nice visit. However, the highlight was undoubtedly standing at the tram level crossing (is that the right term?) and watching the tram whoosh past. The kids loved it!  

Bertie worked hard as he always does during holidays (probably relieved to get back to school) but was treated to a couple of trips to the golf course and…well that will be the subject for another day!


2 thoughts on “Enjoying The Easter Break

  1. very impressed with the Simnel cake. The only other person I know who’s ever made one is your great grandmother – Annie Entwistle – my father’s mother iin Lancashire, seems to be more an English thing than Scottish.

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