One Mother, Three Children And A Buggy…

 …set off for an adventure in London last week under sunny skies!

Certain members of the party had a great time running around Trafalgar Square chasing pigeons and surreptitiously dropping them bits of bread when they thought mummy wasn’t looking. Discovered they weren’t too keen on carrot sticks though.

We enjoyed wandering around the National Gallery, particularly looking at Monet (who we have been reading about recently) and the many resurrection pictures (very topical).

There is very little that is lovely about the London Underground in my opinion, but the kids loved it and gave other travellers lots of smiles to cheer their day. I was delighted to have the help of Sister Evs to get up and down the many stairs. I had forgotten how buggy unfriendly the tube is!

Our new exciting new discovery was the Children’s Library belonging to the French Institute in South Ken. So many books! All in French!!! We signed LissaLou up and restricted ourselves to choosing  just ten books, half of which we then read on the long tube journey home! It is so nice to refresh our french book collection without spending lots.

Our final stop was to visit Bertie at his school – nice to see where he spends half of his waking hours! Most the pupils had left but those that were there were of course thrilled to see us. Teachers’ families are always such a source of fascination!

Who couldn’t love a teacher like this??

And if only they all had such charming pupils!

Trying the Teacher’s chair for size…

We were pretty shattered by the time we made it home, the sunny skies long gone to be replaced by ferocious rain.  Hurray for the holidays!


4 thoughts on “One Mother, Three Children And A Buggy…

  1. I have a photo of me taken in that very spot – well very near – in about 1959! On my first visit to London on my own.
    I like the look of that teacher too! Not to mention the adorable pupils!
    I wonder which Monet you all liked best

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