Tuesday’s Choice: Tiddler

We only really got acquainted with the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler books last autumn and this is our latest – so popular that even as I write Jojo is shrieking “tiddler!” and pointing at the screen!

The rhymes (I do love a good rhyme!) are great and pictures full of detail with lots to look at. This particularly story sees a fish called Tiddler (small, but with a tall imagination) creating all sorts of amazing stories about his journey to school, then a real adventure actually happens and it is thanks to the way his stories have spread that he is able to find his way home from the middle of the ocean…

I love the different approach of each child to a book: Jojo loves pointing at all the different types of sea creatures in this one and saying their name whilst CassCass adores the final line where we find out how the book Tiddler came to be written – she will get me to read that one line all over again! LissaLou can now read it for herself, and we had fun discussing whether this story was a) true b) based on a true person but a made up situation c) made up but could have happened or d) totally made up and no chance of happening! It was most decidedly classed as d)!

If you haven’t read any others by this duo, then do read the wonderful Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child as well as Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book. If you have, let us know which you enjoyed!


One thought on “Tuesday’s Choice: Tiddler

  1. I loved this one when I read it to the children last week. My favourite is definitely
    ‘Little Johnny Dorey’. He fits into the story in a very satisfying rhythmical way!

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