Even In Maths

There really is beauty all around us, when you look hard enough. Yes, even in maths! Not convinced? LissaLou and I have been working on our Hundred Square recently and delighting in all the beautiful patterns and logic that are to be found within. Er, perhaps just me. But you never know, maybe my excitement will be contagious!

I picked up many helpful ideas from a book passed to me by fellow homeschooler Yvonne, The Three R’s by Ruth Beechick, which is aimed at homeschoolers but useful for any parent. Today we tackled tens and units, and in the absence of the suggested lolly sticks in our local pound shop, we bundled up lots of cocktail sticks instead. Does anyone want to have a guess at the significance of this particular picture?

In teaching maths, I have found conkers and pennies to be fantastic tools. Conkers are lovely and chunky to hold, and pennies are great for a child who hasn’t quite grasped how worthless they are! LissaLou’s favourite game involves having 20 pennies and then ‘paying’ one to guess the mystery number between 1 and 100 that the other person has written down, with higher and lower for clues. Her satisfaction is no doubt due to her constantly beating me!

Perhaps I will get into the beauty of grammar next time…


4 thoughts on “Even In Maths

  1. I think that will be 3 groups of 10 and 3 units making 33.
    Looks like you’ve both been doing very good work in maths! I’m proud of you both!
    I think the hundred square gets even more exciting when you divide each square into fractions and relate it to music – length of notes and so on , using a violin bow for visual help IYSWIM!

    • Your photo shows 3 bundles which I presume have 10 in each since you said you were doing tens and units, and 3 single sticks, making 33 sticks altogether.
      If you ask Lissa to do 24 she should come up with 2 bundles of 10 and 4 single sticks.
      And so on with any 2 figure number.

      If You See What I Mean

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