Dig In

Can there be many things more beautiful than a freshly dug vegetable patch just waiting for sowing and (hopefully) to produce lots of delicious things?


It took several hours of hard work by Bertie on Saturday to change it from its previous negelected state, but it was definitely worth the effort. I love the border of planks that he put in.

Inspired by his efforts, today I decided to stop lazing about in the deckchair and get digging myself. I was delighted to be aided by a very cheerful LissaLou who sieved out all the stones and weeds whilst chattering nonstop about Tinkerbell (three guesses for what we are reading at the moment!). Two hours of backbreaking work and we had managed…a third of a bed! Guess there are several more days work to go.

And here is our entire vegetable patch – hopefully in a few months the photos will look very different! I am working on my crop rotation plan for three beds right now, in addition to the very back one which will be the permanent one as it already has fruit bushes and strawberry plants.

Where do all these stones come from?! I forgot to take a photo of Bertie’s ingenious recycled sieve, the door of an old rabbit cage!

We wondered where CassCass had disappeared to during our hard work, and on returning to the house found the reasn for her silence…ah!


3 thoughts on “Dig In

  1. It looks like she is sleeping on your behalf! So cute :):) THe veg patch looks amazing. I went with some friends to look around the Garden Centre at Ally Pally. Im so impressed with what you can grow and with the mere fact that a seed will become a carrot. Still can’t over it!

    • Bertie has already planned out the rest of my gardening week and you are scheduled for some back aching action on thursday…! You can even have your own patch if you are good!

  2. When I read about Lissa talking about Tinkerbell, it reminded me of another girl of a similar age, years ago, who helped with the gardening and talked and talked about all the worms in the garden and whether they were related…history repeats itself!
    BTW did you see any worms?

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