Loving Cooking

One aspect I love about life as a stay-at-home mum is cooking, baking, anything that produces something scrummy to eat. And if it looks beautiful, even better!

I am also most definitely a recipe follower, though I am working on a bit more flexibility, for those times when I just don’t have this or that in the cupboard. I was therefore greatly blessed by a thoughtful friend sending me a copy of the River Cottage Family Cookbook for Christmas and I have really enjoyed the creations that have emerged from it, many with the help of the girls (cooking – that vital part of homeschooling!).


It is written step by step so great for younger members of the family too and has lovely passages explaining the why of things we do in cooking. When you know the reason, it is so much more motivating to actually do it!

So far we have tried their recipes for sultana scones, drop scones, banana bread, zesty flapjacks, white winter soup and their take on familiar favourites such as spaghetti bolognese and pizza. My favourite activities however have been making real custard with eggs, milk and vanilla (umm, the packet stuff is not comparable!) and making butter – this required shaking a jar of double cream for 40 minutes until we got that most satisfying slosh kerplonk! that let us know it was ready. Wash and squeeze out the buttermilk and yum, a very delicious pat of butter to enjoy!

I have all sorts of things I would love to try this year, plum and gooseberry jam and apple chutney in the autumn when our trees fruit; vanilla essence (apparently it just needs vanilla pods, vodka, and six months!), sourdough bread, and if I get really adventurous perhaps a bit of cheese! In the meantime, I always welcome tasty recipes so let me know what gets your taste buds flowing!


5 thoughts on “Loving Cooking

  1. I love making quiche – with gruyere (essential) and single cream. I’m trying not to eat bacon much, but that’s obviously delicious too… Yum… and lasts a few days too (or feeds many mouths!).

  2. Sounds great, will look out for that at the library… the butter sounds really interesting – did u take it in turns to shake?! Yve x

  3. The idea was to take it in turns to shake…but somehow it ended up with me doing 98% of the work!
    Quiche is something I have never tried (I leave it to the Frenchman in the family!) but perhaps I should get over my fear of making pastry and give it a go!

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