They Must Be Nuts!

When the many resident squirrels in our garden aren’t busy eating all the bird food, this is what they like getting up to – burying all Bertie’s golf balls in the grass! I don’t know if they have actually tried to break into one (I would love to see the look on their face!) but this sight certainly has us chuckling!

Today I heard a story about someone preparing an Easter Egg hunt in their back garden, and by the time the children came out to search, the squirrels had squirrelled away all the eggs. I can well believe it!


3 thoughts on “They Must Be Nuts!

  1. We had that happen within the fifteen minutes of the kids joining the adult Q worship…. they were miffed I wouldn’t let them go out. Didn’t take Creme Eggs or actually anything in foil.

    Squirrels have attacked my fake harvest veggies on a wreath tho’.

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