Cakes Galore

Most of us are delighted with one cake for our birthday, but CassCass celebrated her fourth birthday in style with a cool four of them over three days. Just imagine, all those candles to blow out! (Except for when JoJo or some other little children got in there first…). Her world was indeed a happy one with a huge bag of second hand Happyland toys from a friend of ours. The girls will spend hours playing with these and making up intricate stories to go along with them. JoJo also enjoys getting involved – on the rare occasions he is allowed!

For each birthday I am trying to write a bit about how their character and development over the past year and to think of goals we have for the coming year and it is fascinating to compare this with what I wrote the previous year. Having written ‘CassCass still needs to be fed’ I then noticed that I wrote exactly the same thing last year so that went at the top of this year’s goals. I am pleased to say that once I stopped humouring her, she began to feed herself no problem within a few days!


One thought on “Cakes Galore

  1. Hehe. We enjoyed watching Jo Frost tonight and how she dealt with all the children and their eating/hair pulling problems.

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