A More Disney Kind Of Day

A couple of words of advice.  Avoid having babies in the winter months (unless you are planning to emigrate to the southern hemisphere of course). Most inconveniently cold for parties. However, if it is too late for that, avoid visiting Disneyland Paris for winter birthdays. Oh so bitterly cold!

We arrived in France to find there was still snow everywhere and our day at Disney in honour of LissaLou’s 6th birthday was a grey, wet, chilly affair. Nevertheless, the birthday girl enjoyed the day, was delighted to have Mary Poppins say hello, and thrilled to go on the Peter Pan ride but most disappointed not to see Tinkerbell. My suggestion that fairies hibernate in winter was not well received! We managed Dumbo, Aladdin, the Carousel (CassCass’ favourite) and It’s a Small World twice (no queues and inside, bliss!) and also enjoyed Alice in Wonderland’s Labyrinth and the train ride around the park. It was amazing how many people and queues there still were despite the weather. They couldn’t all be February birthdays could they, poor souls?

We were delighted that many members of Bertie’s family made an effort to join us on our final night in Paris for a surprise party (such a surprise that we arrived two hours late, oops!) and LissaLou enjoyed this delectably creamy waffle complete with sparkler!

We were back home for the Day itself and I discovered it is possible to organise a party in one morning and to not have many sweets or any goody bags. Instead, we had a treasure hunt kind of afternoon mixed with a pancake party, courtesy of the world’s best pancake maker (in my opinion!), Bertie. It was lovely to see the kids having such fun and the adults enjoying themselves too. LissaLou’s Best Friend (on the left) was particularly pleased to be present this year, having missed last year’s special day when we were in Guadeloupe. All in all, a very happy birthday girl! Two down, one to go!


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