Has Spring Arrived?

The signs are looking good – washing hangs once more on the line rather than our radiators; there is a field of crocuses in the front garden, snowdrops scattered out the back; the girls have donned their new (well, to them!) summer dresses and pulled out the deckchairs for lunch; the garden is once more full of sounds of children running, laughing, examining (“it’s a colourful worm!” says CassCass whilst LissaLou passes on my most successful worm lesson to date “don’t touch the worms, they eat, eat, poo, poo!” Don’t know how that one stuck!) and I am enjoying the wifi that lets me blog on a deckchair in the warm sun!

Question for you flower buffs – is that purple flower a geranium?


4 thoughts on “Has Spring Arrived?

  1. if by ‘purple’ you mean the pink one at the end, no, its a primula of some sort. Related to the primrose, you can tell by the leaves which are long and narrow – ish and deeply lined. The flower is similar to a geranium I think, but geranium leaves are rounder and have a distinctive smell. I’ll see if I can find a photo and do a blog on a geranium.
    I like this blog – I don’t have to fill in my details every time.

  2. Oh dear can’t find a decent photo of a geranium leaf so will have to look for one – maybe on the balcony upstairs…
    and may I say how pleased I am to see my little darlings – all 3 of them – appearing on your blog once again!

  3. It is indeed! Perhaps ten degrees but it feels warmer in the sun and the thermometre in my kitchen window tries to persuade me it is 25 degrees, as if! Hopefully it will make it up your way soon!

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