I found these very cheaply in Tescos to keep me going until our many daffodils come out. Definitely my favourite flower, they are so cheery! What is yours?


7 thoughts on “Daffodils

  1. we’ve just beem remembering how you asked me to bring daffodils to the hospital when Lissa was born. That year they were in full bloom and this year they are only a twinkle in God’s eye!!

  2. Irises. But they don’t last long if you pick them, so it’s lovely to see them in the “wild”!

    E made a picture of a daffodil today…. not quite as beautiful as yours!

  3. Some lovely choices there…Good for E and her daffodils! We have some honesuckle in the garden so you can come and sniff to your heart’s or perhaps your nose’s content Evs! What a fine welcome home that was with LissaLou, a tub of yellow brightness – definitely needed after three days in the Whitt!

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